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From start to finish, Reing Robotics create and program the applikations for your robot, down from basic framework up to the perfect production.
By this, it doesn’t matter, the robots is a smal pic’n’place delta robot for smallest parts or a giant robot with one ton or more load capacity for complete vehicle bodies.

Reinig Robotics is programming modular, understandable, indepandable, flexible, easy to use and fast in the sequence.
Especially for our modular created program stuctur, it is easy to understand them and easy to expandable by new products by insert new program modules, without that existing products need to change.

Special highlight, if it’s your wish, Reinig Robotics is also programming Homerun routines, what mean, the robot will be able by a failure, on command to driving automated and by himself back to the home position from every situation, without the maintance need manage or joggle the robot.

Special attention takes Reinig Robotics on clean and proper programs, clear structured, sorted unique names, cleaned up data blocks, clear paragraphs and line indentions, cause only by this way, programs stay readable and errors can be avoid.

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