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Reinig Robotics have as one of the few providers the know-how of Multimove systems and offers them to you.
By Reinig Robotics control two or more robots on one common robot controller and coupling multi-axes kinematics to the robot, you have a system in which all groups in the system are moving absolutely accurate and synchronized to each other.

The name Multimove is ABB-specific and variat by manufacturers.
Kuka's called it K.I.R, with Fanuc it’s called Coordinated Motion and Multi-Robot is the name by Yaskawa-Motoman.

Example of use:
Robot A holds a tube with a bore in the gripper, robot B bring a second tube to the bore and robot C can weld this around without interruption, because robots A and B rotate both components synchronized without to move each other during robot C the edge can exactly follow and and welding them.

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