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For the owner and founder Gerhard Reinig, robot programming is not only a profession, much more it is a passion.
Gerhard Reinig has already played robotic as children with sugar cubes and sugar tong, as they were not even developed.
Megaminx and V7
Reinig Robotics began as a one-man company in 2004 in Germany/Saarland under name IT/PC Individuell und Robotics, later by concentraction on the main business area  renamed to Gerhard Reinig - Roboterprogrammierung and since July 2013, by reason for the many international business contacts, renamed to Reinig Robotics.

We are specialists in programming of industrial robots and with our partners, we offer high quality service in robot welding, glueing, palletizing, cycle time optimization and 3D simulation. In addition, our friendly and professional company is always for your concerns or your questions about our company or our services.

Rubik CubesMatter what you need, we have the correct one for you to affordable prices.
The target of Reinig Robotics is, to give you a friendly, professional and first class service.

Browse our Website for more information on Reinig Robotics. If you have any questions or would you like to talk with Reinig Robotics, send us e-mail at or call at +49 178 6800255.
We stay 24/24 to your service.

For Reinig Robotics, the customer comes always on first place.